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Take the Lead Pet Services


Andrea began Take the Lead LLC in 2019. As a previous veterinarian assistant with over 5 years experience in the veterinary field, she has extensive knowledge of animal's needs and reactions.

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what is take the lead?

Take the Lead was established in 2019 by Andrea Smith due to an increasing need for pet care services in the Carroll County, Maryland area. Not only does Take the Lead care for cats and dogs, but we offer care for additional pets such as small mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and farm animals. We are available to take care of your pets twenty-four hours a day seven days a week including holidays regardless of the weather. We offer a wide variety of services including check in visits, walks, hikes, overnight and special event packages. Take the Lead provides a follow-up immediately after each service which includes information about how the service went, where the pet was walked, photographs, etc. so there are never any questions about how your pet is doing. In addition to Andrea, there are four Take the Lead employees that assist in taking care of pets and all of us are Pet CPR certified. Take the Lead is insured so that you, your pets, and your home are protected. We currently service approximately 90 clients. If you have a question or are interested in joining our team, please fill out an online contact form.



“Andrea Smith has “the magic,” that wonderful empathy between humans and dogs. For my dog Charlie, a hundred-pound reactive lunging barking crazy rescue dog, it was love with Andrea at first sight. On two different occasions Andrea has stayed in my house for three weeks at a time taking care of my dog Charlie. My dog is happy and relaxed when she’s with Andrea, she’s less fearful and more playful. I am beyond grateful to have had my precious canine baby in the care of Andrea. Andrea is dependable, helpful, concerned and more. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed and cannot find adequate words to recommend her highly enough.”


-Iris S.


"Andrea and her ladies Shelby and Joann take wonderful care of my dogs. She takes them on daily walks, has administered medication, and fed them! Her updates after walks or check in really keep my mind at ease that my pets are well. Just this month, my older dog had gone downhill and I asked Andrea to check on him. She came and sat with my poor boy for 3 hours with him on her lap until I could get home. She texted me his status and gave advice. He later crossed the rainbow bridge and I'm glad Andrea was there to ease his anxiety before I got home. Take the Lead is a gem of a service! My pups and I are lucky to have her!"

-Debra L.


"I love Take the Lead more importantly my pets love Take the Lead! From the bi-weekly walks (my dog knows when their car drives up) to sitting for my chickens, cats, dog and horses when I'm out of the country, I couldn't dream of better care for everyone. I know with confidence that everyone is well taken care of. No one there is ever allowed to retire. I'd be lost without them!"

-Lola D.


“I have a dog (Billie) and three cats, Andrea has pet-sit for me on several occasions. I can’t fully express in words how wonderful Andrea is with them; she’s a true animal lover and treats other people’s pets like family. She has background in the veterinary field so she has a deep understanding of what to do and what not to do, how they should be handled/treated and adapts her care to their individual personalities. Billie has become so incredibly fond of Andrea that even if she hasn’t seen her for a few months, when Andrea comes over Billie gets so excited that she often piddles on the floor. I couldn’t think of another person that I trust more with my pets, if you’re looking for a responsible dog sitter then congrats, because you’ve found them!”

-Derek S.





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